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File Name Topics Country Year
$110 bn in aid for Asia(doc)ODAJapan Asia2015
10.5 bn yen telecom loans to Myanmar(docx)Japan Myanmar2014
35bn yen loan for Uzbek power plant(pdf)Uzbekistan2013
55 billion yen aid to Pacific(doc)ODAPacific2015
A Private Affair Eurodad(pdf)Development Finance Institutions2014
Abe offers $2.5 bn aid to Mideast(doc)ODAJapan Middle East2015
Abe promises 20 bn yen aid to PNG(pdf)Japan Papua New Guinea2014
Abe seeks votes from Caribbean(doc)Japan Caribbean2014
Accra Aid(pdf)AidSouth2008
Africa 'drained of doctors'(doc)Brain drainSouth2008
Africa a Net Creditor(doc)Africa2013
Africa's Water and Sanitation(pdf)Africa2014
African poverty(pdf)PovertyAfrica2016
Aid from Singapore to Japan(pdf)AidJapan2013
Amazon land battle Ecuador(pdf)ExploitationEcuador2017
Annual Review 2012(pdf)Responsible LendingAustralia2012
Another debt crisis? Oxfam(pdf)2016
Another developing world debt crisis(pdf)AnalysisSouth2018
Archbishop visits Congress to ease Puerto Rico debt crisis(pdf)CatholicPuerto Rico2015
Argentina CADTM(pdf)Argentina2014
Argentina debt ± Japan(doc)Argentina Japan2014
Argentina's legal defeat(pdf)IMFArgentina2014
Bangladesh aid(pdf)Japan Bangladesh2014
Banking_while_Borneo_burns(pdf)Borneo UK2013
Banks And Corrupt Regimes(pdf)Responsible Lending2009
Banks and corruption(doc)CorruptionNorth2009
Banks laundered Russian money(pdf)BanksBritain2017
Banks too risky to let fail(pdf)BanksEurope2016
Brazil's massive debt struggles(pdf)Brazil2013
Caribbean climate(doc)ClimateCaribbean2013
Chad receives $1.1bn debt relief(pdf)CancelationChad2015
China has demonstrated restraintAnalysisChina2019
China to Sri Lanka - We Want Our Money(pdf)Land grabSri Lanka China2016
Chinese-aid-in-Africa 11+(pdf)ODAAfrica China2011
Climate Debt Crisis(pdf)Climate Debt2009
Climate Debt(pdf)Climate Debt2009
Climate Debt(pdf)ClimateSouth2013
Coral Bay Nickel Project(doc)Philippines
Country Profiles Afrodad(pdf)StatisticsAfrica2017
Criminalization of Global Finance System(pdf)2016
Cruise ships(pdf)EarthquakeCaribbean2010
Cuba nears deal with Paris Club(pdf)CancelationCuba2015
Cut The Strings(pdf)HIPCUK2006
Debt & environment(ppt)Environment
Debt Figures 2009Statistics2009
Debt Figures 2012(pdf)Statistics2012
Debt Figures 2015(pdf)Statistics2015
Debt Figures Japan(pdf)StatisticsJapan2000
Debt Figures North 2011(pdf)StatisticsNorth2011
Debt Figures South 2011(pdf)StatisticsSouth2011
Debt Justice(pdf)Solution2008
Debt management in NigeriaAnalysisNigeria2019
Debt Relief Works(pdf)BenefitsSouth2010
Debt Sustainability Framework(pdf)Debt Public Private Partnerships2015
Debt sustainability review(pdf)AnalysisSouth2017
DSA list(pdf)Sustainability2014
East Timor(pdf)AidJapan2012
Ebola Washington Post(doc)HypocrisyWorld Bank2014
Eco-debt Tanzania(pdf)Tanzania2011
Ecuador Audit(pdf)AuditsEcuador2008
Ecuador riots after conditional IMF loanEcuadorIMF2019
Egypt is offered 43 bn yen loans(docx)ODAJapan Egypt2015
Evolving Nature of Debt(pdf)Debt SolutionSouth2016
Evolving nature of developing country debt(pdf)2016
Export Credit Agencies(pdf)Export Credit Agencies
Farm land grabs(pdf)Land grabAfrica2014
FDC calls for debt audit(pdf)Philippines2016
From Genoa to 'Laudato Si'(pdf)Jubilee2016
Gabon External debt(doc)Gabon2013
Gap between the rich & poor widest in 30 years(doc)2014
Ghana in talks with IMF(doc)Ghana2014
Ghana-a new debt trap(pdf)Ghana2016
Global debt at all-time high(pdf)AnalysisSouth2018
Global Governance & Japan(pdf)ODAJapan2007
Grenada 2013(pdf)SolutionGrenada2013
Growing Debt Threat(pdf)2015
High cost of China as Africa's partner of choiceAnalysisChina Africa2019
High Interest EuroDad(pdf)2014
HIPC 2010(pdf)HIPC2010
Honest Accounts(pdf)Exploitation2014
Hoodwinked by John Perkins(pdf)ExploitationUS2009
How dangerous are banks?(pdf)Banks2016
How The Rich Countries Exploit the Poor
Illegitimate Debt(pdf)Illegitimate DebtSouth2008
Illicit Financial Flows ・ Africa(pdf)Africa2010
Illicit Financial Flows ・ Poor Countries(pdf)South2013
IMF apologises for Greece(pdf)IMF GreeceGreece2016
IMF cuts blamed for weak response to Ebola(doc)IMFLiberia Sierra Leone Guinea2014
IMF Japan lends $60 bn(pdf)IMFJapan2012
IMF loan weakens Ukraine’s govt?(pdf)Ukraine2014
IMF Unmasking 2010(pdf)IMFUS2010
Indebted Africa returns to IMF(pdf)AnalysisAfrica China2018
Inequality What can be done(pdf)Inequality solution2016
Infrastructure & climate(pdf)Fossil fuels2015
International Land Grabbing(doc)Land grabJapan Mozambique2015
International land grabbing(pdf)Land grab2016
Japan banks funding Dakota Access Pipeline(pdf)Japan USA2017
Japan Canceling Myanmar Debt(pdf)CancelationJapan Myanmar2013
Japan canceling Myanmar debt(pdf)CancelationMyanmar Japan2013
Japan differentiates African investment projects from China's InvestmentAnalysisJapan2019
Japan in danger(pdf)DebtJapan2013
Japan to support Brazil in infrastructure(doc)Japan Brazil2014
JBIC funding coal-fired plant in Indonesia(pdf)Coal-fired power plantIndonesia Japan2016
JICA funding Myanmar evictions?(pdf)Japan Myanmar2014
John Perkins(pdf)StatisticsUS2013
JTC made 100 kickback payments(pdf)ODA CorruptionVietnam Indonesia Uzbekistan2014
Jubilee Act USA(pdf)Jubilee ActUS2008
Jubilee Act(doc)CancelationUS2008
Jubilee USA successesSuccessUSA2019
Lebanon to default on debtDefaultLebanon2020
Life-and-debt(pdf)Case studies2013
Loan for Philippines patrol ships(pdf)Philippines2013
Loan to Pay Off Slave OwnersSlaveryUK2018
Make Poverty History(doc)AnalysisNorth2005
MDG spending in developing countries(pdf)MDG2013
Millennium Development Goals(pdf)MDGUK2013
Mozambican debt crisis(pdf)Mozambique2017
Mozambique defaults(pdf)Mozambique2017
Mozambique's secret security debts(pdf)Irresponsible lendingMozambique2016
Multinationals' secret offshore tax deals(doc)Tax havens2014
Myanmar cancelation(pdf)AidJapan2012
New Debt Vulnerabilities(pdf)South2013
New developing world debt crisis(pdf)2016
No more vultures(pdf)Vulture fundsArgentina2014
ODA increases for 5th consecutive year(doc)ODAJapan2015
ODA review(doc)Japan2014
ODA to Ukraine(doc)ODAJapan Ukraine2015
Odious Debt CADTM 2008(pdf)Illegitimate Debt2008
Pakistan Islamic Relief(doc)AidPakistan2013
Pakistan's foreign debt(pdf)DebtPakistan2016
Panama Papers & Japan(pdf)Panama PapersJapan2016
Panama Papers & Japan(pdf)Panama PapersJapan2016
Panama Papers Japan 400 cases(pdf)Panama PapersJapan2016
Philippines statistics(pdf)StatisticsPhilippines2012
Plan B for Europe(pdf)Sovereign debt crisisEurope2016
PPPs ± Growing Wealth Gap(pdf)Public Private Partnerships2014
ProSavana protest to JICA(pdf)Land grabMozambique2017
ProSAVANA(pdf)Land grabJapan Mozambique2016
Public Private Partnerships(pdf)Public Private Partnerships2016
Public Private Partnerships(pdf)Public Private Partnerships2014
Public services & human rights threatened by debt crisisAnalysisAfrica2020
Puerto Rico medicine before debt(pdf)DebtPuerto Rico2016
Puerto Rico's debt illegal(pdf)DebtPuerto Rico2016
Quito Report(pdf)Illegitimate DebtEcuador2008
Reduce economic inequality-PopeAnalysisCatholic2020
Resource curse comes to Mozambique (pdf)Mozambique2016
Responsible Borrowing b(pdf)Illegitimate debtSouth2012
Responsible Borrowing Zambia 2011(pdf)AnalysisZambia2012
Revise ODA Charter to assist militaries(pdf)ODAJapan2014
Senate Rejects Transparency 2013(pdf)Responsible LendingAustralia2013
Senate rejects transparency Au(pdf)Corruption?Australia2013
Serfs sucked dry in the kingdom of banks(pdf)Banks2016
Singapore opens nursery in Shichigahama(pdf)Reverse aidSingapore Japan2013
Slave trade compensation(pdf)Caribbean2013
South Asia(doc)AnalysisPakistan2008
South debt payments up 50% in 2 years(pdf)DebtSouth2017
Sri Lanka's debt(pdf)Land grabSri Lanka China2016
State of Debt(pdf)Statistics2012
Structural Adjustment Programs(docx)
Structural Adjustment Programs(pdf)
Tax evasion-crime of the rich(pdf)2016
The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man(pdf)ExploitationUS2016
Third World Debt Campaign Newsletter_2017(pdf)Newsletter2017
Third World Debt Campaign Newsletter_2018(pdf)Newsletter2018
Third World Debt Campaign Newsletter_2020(pdf)Newsletter2020
Third World Debt Campaign Newsletter_2021(docx)Newsletter2021
To render politically unavoidable(pdf)2016
Toyako G8 Summit(pdf)Japan2008
Transition to a Sustainable Economy(pdf)Economic ChangeUK2009
UN experts blocked by Japan(pdf)Japan2014
UN report on debt(doc)Human rightsJapan2014
UN report sustainable debt(pdf)Sustainability2014
UNCTAD Trade and Development ReportAnalysis StatisticsUN2019
US corporations $1.4tn in tax havens(pdf)Tax havensUS2016
US is top tax haven(pdf)Tax havensUS2016
Vietnam's debt crisis(pdf)Vietnam2014
Vulture Funds(pdf)Vulture FundsAustralia2011
Vulture Funds(pdf)Vulture Funds2010
Wealth & inequality(pdf)WealthUS2016
What can we do with the banks?(pdf)BanksEurope2016
What Next(pdf)Climate Debt2012
What the Ebola fight is missing(doc)Hypocrisy2014
World Bank & IMF policies = problem(pdf)2016
World Bank Climate Profiteer(pdf)World BankUS2008
World Bank failures(pdf)2016
Zambia, Botswana(pdf)AidAfrica Japan2012
Zimbabwe 2012(pdf)AuditsZimbabwe2012
Zimbabwe Health System(pdf)EffectsZimbabwe2013