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File Name Topics Country Year
19 countries to phase out coal(pdf)Response2017
2015 had ten $1 billion in damages climate events(pdf)Effects2016
2017 was hottest year(pdf)Analysis2018
20th century "hottest in 1400 years"(doc)Evidence2013
48 climate-vulnerable developing countries 100% renewable(pdf)ResponseImpoverished Countries2016
97% of climate scientists agree(pdf)Science2013
Agreement to eliminate HFCs(pdf)EmissionsUN2016
Anthrax outbreak triggered by climate change(pdf)EffectRussia2016
Arctic melt to trigger uncontrollable climate change?(pdf)ScienceArctic2016
Asia's Energy Choices(pdf)AnalysisAsia2016
Attitude Change(pdf)Response2012
Audit for Church(pdf)Carbon auditNew Zealand
Avoid meat & dairy to reduce impact(pdf)Response2018
Banks investing OUR money in fossil fuels(pdf)Response Divestment2016
Banks phase out financing for coal-fired power(pdf)DivestmentFrance2016
Brendan Lovett(pdf)ChristianPhilippines2007
Bringing Laudato Si to Life(pdf)CatholicVatican2016
California mandates solar panels on new homes(pdf)ResponseUS2018
Carbon offsets UK(pdf)ResponseUK2007
Carbon plans fall well short(pdf)AnalysisUN2016
Carbon tax EU(doc)ResponseEurope2011
Carbon tax(doc)Response2010
Caritas Oceania(pdf)ChristianOceania2005
Caritas Oceania(pdf)Climate justiceOceania2005
Catholic orders divest(pdf)CatholicAustralia2016
China's Solar Valley(pdf)ResponseChina2016
Clean coal = impossible(doc)Clean coal2007
Climate activists' threat(pdf)ResponseUK2016
Climate Change and Japan 1(doc)Japan
Climate Change and Japan 2(doc)Japan
Climate Change Campaign Newsletter 2022(pdf)Newsletter2022
Climate Change Campaign Newsletter_2016(pdf)Newsletter2016
Climate Change Campaign Newsletter_2018(pdf)Newsletter2018
Climate Change Campaign Newsletter_2019(pdf)Newsletter2019
Climate Change Campaign Newsletter_2021(pdf)Newsletter2021
Climate change lawsuits(doc)LawsuitsUS2007
Climate Change Like Atom Bomb(pdf)Extreme WeatherAustralia2013
Climate change link to earthquakes(doc)EffectJapan2011
Climate Debt(pdf)Global JusticeUK2009
Climate Genes(pdf)Big BusinessCanada2010
Climate Refugees(pdf)RefugeesBangladesh2009
Climate wars going to court(pdf)ResponseUS2016
CO2 in atmosphere hits historic high(doc)Evidence2013
Costa Rica renewable energy(pdf)ResponseCosta Rica2016
David Suzuki complete(pdf)2016
David Suzuki excerpts(pdf)2016
Day of Prayer for Creation(pdf)CatholicVatican2016
Desertification in Niger forces farmers into radical groups(doc)Effect2013
Ecological crisis rooted in the human heart(pdf)Catholic2018
Emissions by power industry fall(pdf)EmissionsJapan2016
Emissions fall for 1st time since Fukushima(pdf)EmissionsJapan2016
Excessive vehicle emissions(pdf)EmissionsJapan2016
ExxonMobil tried to censor climate scientists(pdf)Denial GuiltUS2016
Fiji told it must spend billions(pdf)EffectFiji2017
Five Pacific islands lost to rising seas(pdf)EffectsPacific2016
Fossil fuel companies undermining Paris(pdf)Denial2017
Fossil Fuel, the Military & National Security(pdf)AnalysisUS2016
Fossil-fuel subsidies(doc)Contradiction2010
Fossil-Fuel Subsidies(pdf)Fossil FuelsAustralia2011
Garnaut Lecture(pdf)GovernmentAustralia2009
Global carbon emissions rise(pdf)Analysis2017
Global warming making the oceans sick(pdf)Effects Science2016
Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry(pdf)Fracking GasUS2016
Green Economy(pdf)Big BusinessCanada2011
Green New Deal(pdf)EconomyUK2008
Greenland's melting ice(doc)EvidenceGreenland2012
Holy grail' of battery storage(pdf)Energy storageUS2016
Insurance liability(pdf)Response2007
Japan GHG 3.8%(pdf)EmissionsJapan2016
Japan produces ~ 3%(pdf)EmissionsJapan2016
Laudato Si' & the Path to COP 22(pdf)CatholicVatican2016
Law to fight global warming(doc)Response PolicyJapan2013
Make the Rule(doc)Response PolicyJapan2008
McKibben(pdf)Big BusinessUS2012
Meat & fish multinationals 'jeopardising Paris'(pdf)Denial2018
Merchants Of Doubt Economist(pdf)DenialUS2010
Merchants of Doubt(pdf)DenialUS2010
Military response(doc)ResponseAustralia2013
New global warming scheme 2012(doc)Response PolicyJapan2012
Nuclear energy?(doc)Response2004
Ocean acidification(doc)EvidenceJapan2013
Oil industry knew of climate concerns 45 years ago(pdf)Denial GuiltUS2016
Palm Oil Indonesia(pdf)Palm OilIndonesia2007
Palm Oil(pdf)Palm OilIndonesia2007
Papua New Guinea facing disaster(pdf)EffectPapua New Guinea2018
Philippines sues major GHG companies(pdf)ResponsePhilippines2016
Policy 1998 Termorshuizen(doc)Response PolicyJapan1998
Policy 1998 Termorshuizen(pdf)GovernmentJapan1998
Pollen soaring due to global warming(doc)EffectJapan2013
Pope summoned oil executives(pdf)Catholic2018
Portugal renewable energy(pdf)ResponsePortugal2016
Power Companies are Worst Polluters(pdf)Emission SourcesJapan2008
Power Firms' CO2 Up 29%(doc)SituationJapan2012
Promises and Pitfalls(pdf)TreatiesJapan2010
Rich Nations Give Up On Treaty(pdf)TreatyAustralia2011
Sceptics' Case Melts More(pdf)Denial2012
Scientist ‘Cash For Climate'(pdf)DenialAustralia2012
Sea level rise underestimated(pdf)ScienceGermany2016
Secret Funding of Climate Science Denial(pdf)Denial GuiltUS2016
Shattered records(pdf)Effects2016
Shipping industry to cut emissions(pdf)Response2018
Sisters of Earth convention(pdf)CatholicUS2016
Solar power generation jumps 23 times(pdf)ResponseJapan2016
Statue of Mary in flood 1(pdf)CatholicUS2016
Statue of Mary in flood 2(pdf)CatholicUS2016
Sydney record 45.8°(doc)EvidenceAustralia2013
Tepco's Plan Raises Concerns(pdf)Big BusinessJapan2013
Tepco's plan raises GW concerns(doc)DenialJapan2013
The limits of nuclear power(doc)ResponseUS2008
The Limits Of Nuclear Power(pdf)Nuclear PowerUS2008
The Sky's Limit(pdf)Analysis2016
Threat to state assets(doc)EffectAustralia2013
Top GHG Emitters(pdf)Emission SourcesJapan2008
UK churches ditch fossil fuel electricity(pdf)CatholicUK2016
US Bank to Stop Funding Pipelines(pdf)ResponseUS2017
US' hottest year(doc)EvidenceUS2013
Vast expanse of rainforest lost in 2018(pdf)Rainforest DeforestationBrazil Indonesia Africa2018
What Next(pdf)Crisis2012
World Bank Climate Profiteer(pdf)World BankSweden2008
World on track for 3℃ of warming(pdf)AnalysisUN2016