Global Warming/Climate Change

A Priority Issue for Christians

We are currently confronted by many serious problems: environmental destruction, the decimation of bee populations, war, resistance to antibiotics, poverty, HIV/AIDS, etc. The situation is so dire that some scientists and scholars believe that the human race will perish = become extinct. That is, the Earth may have to wipe out humans in order to protect itself. I believe that Global Warming/Climate Change is the most serious of all the problems we face. It seems likely that the arctic ice cap will melt completely and that polar bears become extinct. The Great Barrier Reef will die. Millions of people will be forced by floods and drought to become refugees. Christians who claim to believe that God created the universe and entrusted care of it to us must do whatever is necessary to protect it. But for various reasons, many cannot accept the reality of Global Warming/Climate Change or their responsibility for it. Their faith fails them.